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New Station and Apparatus for Benton County Fire District 4

Voters approved bond to fund improvements to service in 2018

Benton County Fire District 4 will have its first new station in over twenty years soon.  Station 430 at 8031 Keene Rd, West Richland is under construction and expected to be in service by early 2021.  

Station 430 on Keene Road during construction (September 2020)

Two Type 1 fire engines have also been ordered and are being manufactured. The engines are expected to be in operation by early 2021, as well.

 Type I fire engine being built by Hughes Fire Equipment and Pierce

In late 2018, voters in Benton County Fire District 4 approved a bond to build and equip the station as well as purchase replacement emergency apparatus. The new station will improve emergency response times district-wide, and provide additional units to respond during back-to-back calls. The two new fire engines will be placed into service throughout the fire district and help to equip Station 430.

“We’re thankful for our community’s support that made these investments to serve our residents possible,” said Chief Paul Carlyle. “We look forward to welcoming the public into the new station when the time is right to do so safely.”


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We want to reach out and reassure our community members during this difficult time. Our agencies are coordinating with each other to provide you and your family with the highest level of care. We are here for you if you need us. We are ready. We have trained for this, and have experience responding to infectious diseases and all other emergencies. Your financial support for emergency services makes this possible. And, for that, we are extremely grateful. We must continue to do the business of a fire district in addition to responding to emergency calls. These meeting protocols have changed. Please visit our websites to learn how you can participate in our public meetings where we conduct business. Benton County Fire District 1 – Benton County Fire District 2 – Benton County Fire District 4 – Benton County Fire District 5 – Call 1-509- 786-2404 for meeting details. Benton County Fire District 6 – Fra